Tuesday, July 8, 2008

NJ Futurity Rounds 2 and 3

Round 2

While in Round 1, there were three Black wins (and one White win), Round 2 saw three decisive games, all won by White.

GM Yudasin (White) beat IM Saenz in a 40 move Two Knights Defense. At the end, Yudasin had an extra bishop and his c-pawn was passed and on the sixth rank. Saenz had hoped for a perpatual a few moves earlier, but when Yudasin wriggled his way out of it, there was no hope.

Knockout and tournament host IM Dean Ippolito (White) opened with his usual 1. d4, and GM Ehlvest responded with the King's Indian. Ippolito fianchettoed his king's bishop, and the game ended peacefully after 21 moves. (Don't believe Ehlvest's final move in the game file at the NJSCF site. It drops a queen!)

GM Erenburg (White) put away Knockout Evan Ju in an French Defense, Tarrasch variation. After 54 bruising moves, Erenburg was poised to queen one of his two remaining pawns supported by his rook, while Ju had only one pawn and a rook. A fairly even game for most of the first two-thirds, Erenburg neutralized Ju's isolani, split and weakened Ju's queenside pawns, and expertly finished the contest.

Knockout Mac Molner (White) and IM Scekic played a Lowenthal Sicilian that lasted over 50 moves (the game file at the NJSCF site has some strange moves at the end) and ended in a drawn in an unbalanced position; Molner had two rooks and a pawn, and Scekic had a rook, bishop, and two pawns, and they called it a day.

In a 70 move Pirc marathon, GM Palatnik (White) took down Knockout IM Zlotnikov. Palatnik sacked the exchange for a serious kingside attack. Zlotnikov weathered the storm, but Palatnik ended with three monstrous kingside pawns. Zlotnikov gave back the exchange, but Palatnik's pawns were too powerful.

Games are available at the NJSCF site.

Standings after Round 2
2.0 Erenburg, Yudasin
1.5 Ehlvest, Molner
1.0 Ippolito, Palatnik
0.5 Saenz, Scekic
0.0 Ju, Zlotnikov

Round 3

In the only completed game, and a GM-GM clash, GM Erenburg (White) and GM Yudasin (Black) drew in 26 moves in a Sicilian.

Results - I have no details!

= Erenburg - Yudasin =
0 Ju - Molner 1
0 Scekis - Palatnik 1
1 Zlotnikov - Ippolito 0
1 Ehlvest - Saenz 0

Standings after Round 3
2.5 Erenburg, Yudasin, Ehlvest, Molner
2.0 Palatnik
1.0 Ippolito, Zlotnikov
0.5 Saenz, Scekic
0.0 Ju

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