Thursday, July 10, 2008

NJ Futurity II Round 7

Just got results in my mailbox. Try the NJSCF site for the relay tomorrow (Friday) for the final round. The relay today was problematic, unfortunately, but it was due to a physical connection being disconnected, accidentally, as opposed to hosting issues, as before.

Round 7 Results
= Palatnik - Yudasin =
0 Molner - Ippolito 1
1 Erenburg - Saenz 0
= Ju - Ehlvest =
1 Scekic - Zlotnikov 0

Standings after Round 7
6.0 Erenburg
5.0 Ehlvest, Yudasin
3.5 Molner, Palatnik
3.0 Scekic
2.5 Ippolito, Ju, Saenz
1.0 Zlotnikov

The big game of the final day is Round 8's clash between Ehlvest (White) and Erenburg (Black). Molner needs 1.5/2.0 on the last day to gain an IM norm. In Round 8, Mac has Black against Saenz, and in the final round, he has White against Ehlvest -- a tall order, but we hope that he can play a typical Big Mac Attack (like in many US Chess League games), and gain his norm.

Also, there's an article and some nice photos on the USCF site, here.

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