Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NJ Futurity Rounds 4 and 5

Raw results of Round 4. Unfortunately, I have no details.

= Yudasin - Ehlvest =
1 Saenz - Zlotnikov 0
0 Ippolito - Scekis 1
= Palatnik - Ju =
0 Molner - Erenburg 1

Standings after Round 4
3.5 Erenburg
3.0 Yudasin, Ehlvest
2.5 Molner, Palatnik
1.5 Saenz, Scekic
1.0 Ippolito, Zlotnikov
0.5 Ju

It just hasn't been the Knockouts' tournament. Molner has performed well, but Ju, Zlotnikov, and Ippolito have 1 win, 3 draws, and 8 losses after four rounds. Combined, the Knockouts are 5.0/16.0.

Partial results of Round 5

= Erenburg - Palatnik =

A quick 10 mover Exchange Ruy that ended with a forced perpetual -- I found 88 other games just like it in my database. These guys called it a day pretty early!

= Molner - Yudasin =

A 17 move French Defense lead to an equal position, but still with a lot of life left in it. Nevertheless, in the second round of the day, it seemed like a good time for them to call it off, I guess.

= Ju - Ippolito =

A 14 move Petroff leading to dead equality. Neither of these guys are having a good tournament, so they made peace.

0 Saenz - Scekic 1

A 50 move Slav transformed early into a rook and dark-squared bishop ending. Scekic made some nice maneuvers, exchanged some pawns and eventually the bishops and ended in an rook and pawn endgame, with Scekic about to queen his e-pawn. Saenz, presumably, threw in the towel.

0 Zlotnikov - Ehlvest 1

A 43 move Pirc, transformed into a rook and knight endgame, with Ehlvest pushing his d-pawn to its ultimate destiny. It was inevitable at the end, and Zlotnikov gave up.

Standings after Round 5
4.0 Erenburg, Ehlvest
3.5 Yudasin
3.0 Palatnik, Molner
2.5 Scekic
1.5 Ippolito, Saenz
1.0 Ju, Zlotnikov

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Anonymous said...

It's a travesty that there are so many quick draws in this norm tournament.