Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 2: Knockouts versus Pioneers

In Week 2, the glorious Knockouts were orienteered back to earth by the surprisingly powerful Queens Pioneers. Only captain and board 1, GM Joel Benjamin, was able to grind out a solid, grandmasterly win that ought to compete for game-of-the-week honors.

The remainder of the team was struck by some chess plague. On board 2, Mac Molner got a thorn in his territory, when his opponent's knight crimped his position something wicked with its presence on d6. On board 3, Evan Ju played a relatively even game against IM Alex Lenderman, but was torn down in time trouble, by a nice little combination. On board 4, Victor Shen got his queen trapped in the middle of the board and had to lose a knight to save her.

The US Chess League (sponsored by site has all the games, and you can also find coverage on the Kenilworthian and the "oh-we're-so-darn-lucky-to-have-this-domain-name" site,

Unfortunately, there won't be any real-time from-the-site blogging next week either, but you can catch all the action at ICC.

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