Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joel Benjamin on his game of Week 1

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After the resounding victory, the Knockouts are all smiles. From left to right, Victor Shen [board 4], Dean Ippolito [board 2], Michael Khodarkovsky [assistant manager], Mac Molner [board 3], Joel Benjamin [captain and board 1].

Joel Benjamin asked me to post the following note. Its great to have our esteemed captain add to the blog!

How 'bout those Kayos? My teammates did a great job in the first round. I think a lot of our players are under-rated and will score big this season.

I wasn't so happy though about my game, and I think the USCL fans should know why I lost the game.

The obvious excuses are:
  1. My young opponent has been touring the country winning tournaments while I've been touring Bergen County maternity wards.
  2. I didn't study 12.d5 sufficiently and couldn't remember anything about the games I looked at.
  3. The last time I sacrificed that many pieces I was playing bughouse.
But I'm going to opt for a darkhorse excuse for losing. I'm going to blame it on the METS. That's right, my favorite baseball team is driving me crazy! On Tuesday night they managed to blow a 7-0 lead. Seven nothing!!! And they took an agonizing five+ hours to do it, finally capitulating in the 13th inning, sometime after midnight. There was no way I could sleep after such a debacle. After tossing and turning all night, I lacked the energy to combat such a strong young player. [I have scoresheets older than this guy. A lot of them]

Hopefully the bullpen will get its act together and give me some peace. I don't think it's fair to ask my boys to bail me out every week.



Anonymous said...

I was at that game, all 13 innings with my dad :)

- Greg Shahade

Bill Montross said...

But Greg - you were able to sleep with sweet dreams of another NL East Championship. At least for one night. (teehee)

Honestly Joel in might be a darkhorse reason but it kept me up all night also. However I aced an interview and got a job offer once I recovered on Thursday.