Monday, May 14, 2007

Knockout schedule for 2007 season

The United States Chess League has posted its schedule for the 2007 season. The New Jersey Knockouts open the season against the Queens Pioneers on August 27th. The NJKOs entire 10 week schedule is as follows.

Mon Aug 27th - 7:00: Knockouts vs Queens Pioneers
Wed Sep 5th - 8:00: Tennessee Tempo vs Knockouts
Wed Sep 12th - 7:15: Baltimore Kingfishers vs Knockouts
Wed Sep 19th - 7:00: Queens Pioneers vs Knockouts
Wed Sep 26th - 7:00: Knockouts vs New York Knights
Wed Oct 3rd - 7:00: Knockouts vs Carolina Cobras
Mon Oct 8th - 7:00: Philadelphia Inventors vs Knockouts
Wed Oct 17th - 7:00: Knockouts vs Boston Blitz
Wed Oct 24th - 7:15: Knockouts vs Baltimore Kingfishers
Wed Oct 31st - 7:30: New York Knights vs Knockouts
- Team listed first has white on board 1 and 3.

Some observations about the schedule.
  1. The season starts with a white, then three blacks in a row on board 1 and board 3.
  2. Two matches against the Pioneers, the Knights, and the Kingfishers.
  3. We have only two matches against a team from the Western division.
The schedule for the entire USCL can be found here.

UPDATE: USCL changed the schedule so that the Knockouts do not start with three successive blacks. The schedule above is revised to reflect that.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Prepare to be floored...

The New Jersey Knockouts are coming...

The KOs are a new team in the United States Chess League. The team's debut season starts August 27, 2007.

In early August, watch this blog for player profiles, previews, and reports on matches.