Monday, October 5, 2009

Live blogging, tweeting, webcam for Arizona match!



Match over -- NJ loses 3-1.


And Joel lost, to a nice combination by his opponent in the endgame. New Jersey does not go to 6-0, and we;re in danger of losing our first match.


Dean succumbed to the pressure. New Jersey down 0-1.


Everyone in NJ is under 10 minutes on the clock. Everyone in Arizona is above 15 minutes. Yikes....


Match is very tight. We're looking good on 4, drawish on 1, bad on 2, and something crazy on 3. But isn't it always crazy with Mac's games??


Can Joel squeeze something out of this endgame? Or will it end up in a draw?


Dean and Joel have both left the room, looking for a refreshment. Dean is back now, looking at the other position. While his board is tough, he's given his opponent something to think about.


Dean is in a tough spot on Board 2. Pawns may fall soon, and he's way behind on the clock.


Joel was right. The Dunkin Donuts Box of Joe is good....


I need some coffee.


The room has more tension tonight than usual. Perhaps it is the fast time control. Perhaps it is the chance to make USCL history and go 6-0. Perhaps it is the fact that there are NO DONUTS.


On board 4, Sean Finn, in his USCL debut, is on the White side of a Sicilian. Finn is relaxed and calmly sitting at the board, looking at the compute screen.


On board 3, an opening that started out 1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 Ne4 ... has devolved into something very off. Mac has spent a long time figuring out how to respond to 9. e5, and he has played 9...a6, after about 19 minutes of thought.

I previously said it was a London, but I clearly didn't actually look at the moves played! It was a Trompowsky, that looks like a big mess now.


On Board 2, Dean Ippolito is hunched over the board, completely still. He's pondering what to how to respond to Nc5. Dean opened with 1. d4, and now is contending with a lot of pressure on his pawn on e4.


Let's go around the horn... On Board 1, Ramirez played an Exchange Ruy, something that is apparently unusual for him (according to the kibitzers). GM Joel has used almost 25 minutes on the first 10 moves, while Ramirez has only used 2.


Looks like New Jersey is completely being eaten by Arizona's preparatory work. Boards 1, 2, and 3 of Arizona have only used a couple minutes each of clock time.


Mac's opening is very very strange to me, but what do I know? Started off as a London, now kind of looks like Beirut.


Ah, New Jersey.... down on the clock on every board.... :-(


The match has finally started on all four boards. Board 3 was slow to start due to an admin error.


Live blogging, live tweeting, and live webcam for tonight's match with Arizona. Follow along right here!

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