Monday, September 14, 2009

Live Blogging: Week 3 vs. Carolina


Joel Benjamin wins it at board 1! The win improves the Knockouts record to 3-0 and Benjamin's record to 2.5 out of 3. Next match is next Wednesday September 23 as they rematch against the New York Knights with hopes of the season sweep.


Arthur Shen resigns on board 4 after a tough battle. Its all up to Joel Benjamin now.


Benjamin is tense as he looks to finish the match with a win.


In time trouble, Arthur Shen loses his queen for a rook on move 35.


Joel Benjamin looks to finish off Schroer at board 1. Both have atleast 3 minutes of time.
Arthur Shen and Jones are in a close battle with both in time trouble.


Its up to Joel Benjamin and Arthur Shen, should either one win or draw, the Knockouts will be 3-0 for the season! The webcam now focuses on Benjamin and Shen, watch them battle it out at


NJ 2-0 Dean Ippolito defeated Ron Simpson on board 2. Ippolito's win improves his record to an impressive 2.5 out of 3 games, the win also ensures that the Knockouts are undefeated after 3 games! The Knockouts need at least a draw to win the match.


Ippolito has promotes his pawn to queen on move 43!


Joel Benjamin flinched as Schroer played Kg2.


Ippolito moves his pawn to h2, that pawn will be a queen really soon.


Ippolito moves rook to a7 to block Simpson's "a" pawn.


Ippolito moves his h pawn to h4, knowing that pawn can not be stopped!


Getting close to the end here, the player's times looks like this.
On board 1 Joel Benjamin has 3:18 left against Schroer's 8:21
Boris Gulko defeated Zaikov on board 2 giving NJ a score of 1-0
On board 3 Dean Ippolito has 11:34 left against Simpson's 8:00
On board 4 Arthur Shen has 4:40 vs Jones 11:37


Ippolito and Simpson trade rooks, leaving Ippolito with a Rook and 4 pawns vs 5 pawns. Things looking good for Ippolito.


On move 32 Simpson plays Kb3? allowing Ippolito to play c5! taking advantage of the pinned bishop and pinned b4 pawn! Ippolito would win the bishop on d4 and has the game under control!


Joel Benjamin make a bold move on move 24, playing fxe4.


Game between Ippolito and Simpson appears to be getting more closer than Ippolito wanted.


Gulko wins his game on board 2 with a Zaikov resigning. Gulko seemed really excited about his nice win, which certainly is one of the most exciting matches this season. 1-0 NJ


Gulko uses time to his huge time advantage on move 40 with hopes to find a winning combination.


3 hours in and no game has been determined yet. Ippolito holds a lead against Simpson, while Gulko is playing one of the most exciting games of the night.


Gulko's game is getting very interesting, on the board and on the clock. Gulko has an enormous time advantage of 43 minutes against 3:44 as well as a nice bishop pair.


Ippolito and Simpson trade queens. Things look good for Ippolito.


Boris Gulko trades his queen for 2 rooks!


On board 4 for Carolina has disconnected, giving Arthur Shen an extra 2 minutes
Zaikov down to 8 minutes against Gulko's 51


2 hour 30 minutes into the match and the Knockouts up on time big on the top 3 boards. Gulko has the biggest lead in time, having 51 minutes against Zuikov's 14 minutes.


Arthur Shen plays Nc5 on move 20, forking the queen and bishop of Jones.
Gulko responds to 28.....Qe6 with 29.Qxb7


Carolina disconnected on boards 1 and 3, Benjamin and Ippolito both receive an extra 2 minutes.


Everyone takes a look at Gulko's game, while Gulko may be down the exchange he has a manageable position as well as some nice opportunities on the board if Zaikov isn't careful.


In a comfortable position, Dean Ippolito has Simpson's knight pinned at e7 after making Re8 at move 17.


Boris Gulko sacrifices the exchange against Zaikov on move 27.


The NJ Knockouts cam now focuses on GM Boris Gulko as he plans his 27th move. Also in sight is Dean Ippolito. Angle will change at 9:30


Ippolito looks like he was in deep thought as he makes the move Nxd4


Very quiet and composed room right now, Gulko and Ippolito both are on their move right now.


After making his 18th move Arthur Shen gets up and walks around. Also standing is Joel Benjamin


Here is some information on moves made and time remaining for each player
17 moves in Joel Benjamin has 52 minutes while Schroer has 47
23 moves in Boris Gulko has 66 minutes while Zaikov has 38
14 moves in Dean Ippolito has 48 minutes while Simpson has 47
17 moves in Arthur Shen has 49 minutes while Jones has 49 as well

Unusual, since the Knockouts tend to be behind on time.


No players standing up right now as all of them on the clock.


Live NJ webcam shows one of our spectators, an iguana!


Boris Gulko appears to be relaxed while playing. After thinking about his move for 7 minutes he plays 20. e4 and responds to Ne7 with 21. d4 in 6 seconds.


After 26 minutes, Dean Ippolito has decided to play Bxg4 gaining a pawn and gets up from his seat as he waits for Simpson's next move.


The computer room where they normally play chess has been known to be freezing cold, today's game had to be played in a different room and has not been anything close to freezing.


Dean Ippolito has been deciding his 13th move for quite a while, he's been thinking his next move for about 20 minutes and hasn't gotten up from his seat as he thinks his move.


Joel Benjamin makes his move a5 and gets up to walk around.


Rob Bernard performs an amazing act of stuffing 5 donuts into his mouth on web cam. Of course the Knockout players don't notice as they are concentrating on their games closely.


While Joel, Dean, and Arthur have gotten up to walk around while playing Boris Gulko has been sitting the entire time. He looks determined to win this match.


Dean Ippolito took a good look at the board before playing Be6.


The Knockouts are playing in a other than the room the normally play in. Unfortunately, the server in the room they play in wouldn't stop beeping creating a room unsuitable for chess. Fortunately the room they're in now is perfect to play in.


Fans can view the New Jersey Knockouts live via webcam! Just visit


On board 1, Joel Benjamin has played the Kings Indian Defense vs Schroer.
Board 2, Boris Gulko decided to play the English Opening
On board 3, Dean Ippolito has elected to play the Petrov's Defense against Simpson
Finally on board 4, we see Arthur Shen has faced the French Defense


Games all just started and Jonathan Schroer sent a draw offer, this might have been a mouseslip, who knows?


Live blogging tonight from the New Jersey Knockouts' match against Carolina! Stay tuned!

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